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Maximun 7 people.
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VTC Nice → Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur (06206)8050
VTC Nice → Aéroport de Cannes - Mandelieu (06150)12095
VTC Nice → Aéroport Marseille Provence (13727)595565
VTC Nice → Aéroport de Toulon-Hyères (83400)419373
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Gare de Cannes (06400)11095
VTC Nice → Gare de Nice-Ville (06000)6040
VTC Nice → Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles (13000)588559
VTC Nice → Gare de Saint-Raphaël-Valescure (83700)190175
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Auron (06660)292277
VTC Nice → Golfe-Juan (06220)9585
VTC Nice → Juan-les-Pins (06600)9070
VTC Nice → La Bocca (06400)12095
VTC Nice → La Pointe de Contes (06390)8070
VTC Nice → Marineland Côte d'Azur (06600)7060
VTC Nice → Sophia Antipolis (06560)9580
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Annot (04240)256243
VTC Nice → Banon (04150)676642
VTC Nice → Barcelonnette (04400)473449
VTC Nice → Barrême (04330)361343
VTC Nice → Castellane (04120)316300
VTC Nice → Colmars (04370)366348
VTC Nice → Digne-les-Bains (04000)462439
VTC Nice → Entrevaux (04320)214203
VTC Nice → Forcalquier (04300)648616
VTC Nice → La Javie (04420)492467
VTC Nice → La Motte-du-Caire (04250)749710
VTC Nice → Le Lauzet-Ubaye (04340)634602
VTC Nice → Les Mées (04190)645612
VTC Nice → Manosque (04100)578549
VTC Nice → Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (04360)427406
VTC Nice → Mézel (04270)422401
VTC Nice → Noyers-sur-Jabron (04200)735699
VTC Nice → Peyruis (04310)665632
VTC Nice → Reillanne (04110)627596
VTC Nice → Riez (04500)437415
VTC Nice → Saint-André-les-Alpes (04170)323306
VTC Nice → Saint-Étienne-les-Orgues (04230)701666
VTC Nice → Seyne (04140)572543
VTC Nice → Sisteron (04200)717681
VTC Nice → Turriers (04250)807765
VTC Nice → Valensole (04210)478454
VTC Nice → Volonne (04290)702667
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Aiguilles (05470)1044989
VTC Nice → Aspres-sur-Buëch (05140)808765
VTC Nice → Barcillonnette (05110)770730
VTC Nice → Briançon (05100)1046991
VTC Nice → Chorges (05230)856811
VTC Nice → Dévoluy (05250)897850
VTC Nice → Embrun (05200)913865
VTC Nice → Gap (05000)819776
VTC Nice → Guillestre (05600)967916
VTC Nice → L'Argentière-la-Bessée (05120)1003950
VTC Nice → La Bâtie-Neuve (05230)838794
VTC Nice → La Grave (05320)11721110
VTC Nice → Laragne-Montéglin (05300)730692
VTC Nice → Le Monêtier-les-Bains (05220)11001042
VTC Nice → Orcières (05170)918869
VTC Nice → Orpierre (05700)766725
VTC Nice → Ribiers (05300)743706
VTC Nice → Rosans (05150)841797
VTC Nice → Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur (05500)865820
VTC Nice → Saint-Firmin (05800)907860
VTC Nice → Savines-le-Lac (05160)885838
VTC Nice → Serres (05700)775734
VTC Nice → Tallard (05130)784743
VTC Nice → Veynes (05400)824781
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Antibes (06600)9070
VTC Nice → Beaulieu-sur-Mer (06310)11080
VTC Nice → Beausoleil (06240)11095
VTC Nice → Biot (06410)9580
VTC Nice → Breil-sur-Roya (06540)181172
VTC Nice → Cagnes-sur-Mer (06800)6550
VTC Nice → Cannes (06400)12099
VTC Nice → Cap-d'Ail (06320)11095
VTC Nice → Carros (06510)8070
VTC Nice → Châteauneuf-Grasse (06740)11095
VTC Nice → Châteauneuf-Villevieille (06390)9075
VTC Nice → Châteauneuf-d'Entraunes (06470)318302
VTC Nice → Contes (06390)9070
VTC Nice → Coursegoules (06140)125111
VTC Nice → Drap (06340)8065
VTC Nice → Èze (06360)9580
VTC Nice → Gattières (06510)9980
VTC Nice → Grasse (06130)120105
VTC Nice → Guillaumes (06470)284270
VTC Nice → Isola (06420)280255
VTC Nice → L'Escarène (06440)9075
VTC Nice → La Colle-sur-Loup (06480)9070
VTC Nice → La Gaude (06610)9580
VTC Nice → La Trinité (06340)6045
VTC Nice → La Turbie (06320)10590
VTC Nice → Lantosque (06450)170150
VTC Nice → Le Bar-sur-Loup (06620)11090
VTC Nice → Le Cannet (06110)11090
VTC Nice → Le Rouret (06650)9575
VTC Nice → Levens (06670)9580
VTC Nice → Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06210)12099
VTC Nice → Menton (06500)120105
VTC Nice → Mouans-Sartoux (06370)11090
VTC Nice → Mougins (06250)11090
VTC Nice → Opio (06650)10590
VTC Nice → Peymeinade (06530)130110
VTC Nice → Puget-Théniers (06260)220195
VTC Nice → Pégomas (06580)130110
VTC Nice → Roquebillière (06450)169160
VTC Nice → Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (06190)12095
VTC Nice → Roquefort-les-Pins (06330)9075
VTC Nice → Roquestéron (06910)171162
VTC Nice → Saint-Auban (06850)218207
VTC Nice → Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée (06660)276262
VTC Nice → Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (06230)8065
VTC Nice → Saint-Jeannet (06640)12099
VTC Nice → Saint-Laurent-du-Var (06700)6040
VTC Nice → Saint-Martin-Vésubie (06450)255235
VTC Nice → Saint-Paul-de-Vence (06570)9070
VTC Nice → Saint-Sauveur-sur-Tinée (06420)250230
VTC Nice → Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey (06460)180160
VTC Nice → Sigale (06910)255230
VTC Nice → Sospel (06380)145130
VTC Nice → Tende (06430)280260
VTC Nice → Théoule-sur-Mer (06590)155135
VTC Nice → Tourrette-Levens (06690)9070
VTC Nice → Tourrettes-sur-Loup (06140)10575
VTC Nice → Valbonne (06560)10580
VTC Nice → Vallauris (06220)10580
VTC Nice → Vence (06140)9580
VTC Nice → Villars-sur-Var (06710)160145
VTC Nice → Villefranche-sur-Mer (06230)8060
VTC Nice → Villeneuve-Loubet (06270)8060
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Aix-en-Provence (13080)529503
VTC Nice → Allauch (13190)578549
VTC Nice → Arles (13200)740701
VTC Nice → Aubagne (13400)560532
VTC Nice → Berre-l'Étang (13130)608578
VTC Nice → Châteauneuf-les-Martigues (13220)624593
VTC Nice → Châteaurenard (13160)714676
VTC Nice → Eyguières (13430)663630
VTC Nice → Gardanne (13120)522496
VTC Nice → Istres (13800)688653
VTC Nice → La Ciotat (13600)566537
VTC Nice → Lambesc (13410)596567
VTC Nice → Les Pennes-Mirabeau (13170)584555
VTC Nice → Marignane (13700)596567
VTC Nice → Marseille (13000)618587
VTC Nice → Martigues (13500)666632
VTC Nice → Orgon (13660)702667
VTC Nice → Peyrolles-en-Provence (13860)593564
VTC Nice → Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône (13230)741704
VTC Nice → Pélissanne (13330)631600
VTC Nice → Roquevaire (13360)561533
VTC Nice → Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (13210)728691
VTC Nice → Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (13460)809767
VTC Nice → Salon-de-Provence (13300)639607
VTC Nice → Tarascon (13150)731693
VTC Nice → Trets (13530)469445
VTC Nice → Vitrolles (13127)633601
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Aups (83630)354337
VTC Nice → Barjols (83670)427406
VTC Nice → Besse-sur-Issole (83890)342325
VTC Nice → Brignoles (83170)366348
VTC Nice → Callas (83830)295280
VTC Nice → Collobrières (83610)374355
VTC Nice → Comps-sur-Artuby (83840)356338
VTC Nice → Cotignac (83570)373355
VTC Nice → Cuers (83390)385366
VTC Nice → Draguignan (83300)239215
VTC Nice → Fayence (83440)175150
VTC Nice → Fréjus (83600)165145
VTC Nice → Grimaud (83310)327310
VTC Nice → Hyères (83400)455432
VTC Nice → La Crau (83260)431410
VTC Nice → La Garde (83130)430408
VTC Nice → La Roquebrussanne (83136)408388
VTC Nice → La Seyne-sur-Mer (83500)471447
VTC Nice → La Valette-du-Var (83160)380330
VTC Nice → Le Beausset (83330)517491
VTC Nice → Le Luc (83340)298283
VTC Nice → Le Muy (83490)227215
VTC Nice → Lorgues (83510)290275
VTC Nice → Ollioules (83190)472448
VTC Nice → Rians (83560)482458
VTC Nice → Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer (83430)493468
VTC Nice → Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume (83470)370339
VTC Nice → Saint-Raphaël (83700)170150
VTC Nice → Saint-Tropez (83990)320295
VTC Nice → Sainte-Maxime (83120)270245
VTC Nice → Salernes (83690)335318
VTC Nice → Six-Fours-les-Plages (83140)484460
VTC Nice → Solliès-Pont (83210)406386
VTC Nice → Tavernes (83670)443421
VTC Nice → Toulon (83000)400350
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Apt (84400)705669
VTC Nice → Avignon (84000)740701
VTC Nice → Beaumes-de-Venise (84190)782741
VTC Nice → Bollène (84500)840796
VTC Nice → Bonnieux (84480)688653
VTC Nice → Bédarrides (84370)751712
VTC Nice → Cadenet (84160)629598
VTC Nice → Carpentras (84200)771730
VTC Nice → Cavaillon (84300)695660
VTC Nice → Gordes (84220)748711
VTC Nice → L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (84800)738701
VTC Nice → Malaucène (84340)817774
VTC Nice → Mormoiron (84570)811768
VTC Nice → Orange (84100)780739
VTC Nice → Pernes-les-Fontaines (84210)725687
VTC Nice → Pertuis (84120)600570
VTC Nice → Sault (84390)801759
VTC Nice → Vaison-la-Romaine (84110)847802
VTC Nice → Valréas (84600)870825
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Berne16411580
VTC Nice → Genève14421389
VTC Nice → Lausanne14731418
VTC Nice → Zurich15941535
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Barcelone17861720
VTC Nice → Bilbao26942594
VTC Nice → Gérone15281471
VTC Nice → Madrid33983273
VTC Nice → Saragosse25652470
VTC Nice → Valence27072607
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Bologne12751228
VTC Nice → Bordighera160140
VTC Nice → Florence12171153
VTC Nice → Gênes590560
VTC Nice → Imperia255243
VTC Nice → Milan908860
VTC Nice → Rome18901820
VTC Nice → San Remo180165
VTC Nice → Savona462439
VTC Nice → Turin799757
VTC Nice → Vintimille155140
Maximun 7 people.
Maximun 7 pieces of luggage.

Maximun 3 people.
Maximun 3 pieces of luggage.

VTC Nice → Monaco (98000)120105

General information on the city of Nice

Nice is considered as both the economic and the cultural capital of the Côte d´Azur, or the "French Riviera", as Anglo-Saxons and other English-speaking tourists like to call it. In 2017, the city had just over 340,000 inhabitants, making it the 5th largest town in France in terms of population, behind the cities of Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse. Located in the south-east of France in the Alpes-Maritimes department, Nice stretches between sea and mountains, with its upper reaches overlooking the magnificent Promenade des Anglais and the entire Mediterranean Sea.

Just over 30 kilometres away lies the Italian border, whose influence can be felt particularly in the narrow streets of the old town. Tourism and trade are the two main economic engines of the region, resulting in a strong cultural and festive brew that makes Nice such a lively, dynamic city.

Book a private Van with driver in Nice

Nice is considered as one of the most visited cities in France, with almost 5 million visitors each year. That’s why the city has the second largest hotel capacity in the country. It is therefore essential to remember to book a private Van to be sure to have a vehicle at your disposal.

So what are the best addresses? Where to go for dinner? Where to stay? Where to go shopping? What should you visit? What are the must-sees places in Nice? Our private drivers will drop you off from your private van or saloon at the best addresses in the city.

What to do in Nice and nearby?

Are you planning a trip to Nice? Then let us introduce you to this city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. The capital of the Côte d'Azur is recognized around the world for its atmosphere, cuisine, dishes, festivities, museums, and dream location... it's got it all. If you're still on the fence about visiting Nice and the surrounding area next weekend, this article might just convince you.

The coastal path, Nice beaches and surrounding area

When you first arrive to the Côte d'Azur, the first thing you want to do is admire the sea. A stroll along the water's edge is the perfect way to start your stay in Nice.

Promenade des Anglais and coastal path in Nice

The famous Promenade des Anglais lets you soak up the sea air while in the city center during your vacation. This seafront avenue has panoramic views of the entire bay of Nice, known as the "Baie des Anges" (Bay of Angels) after the angel sharks that once populated this magnificent bay.

The coastal path offers some of the best views of the Mediterranean, so you can extend your tour while avoiding the city's commotion. This path follows the coastline, looking over turquoise waters and steep cliffs dropping into the water. You'll discover secluded coves where you can swim, far from the crowds of the city beaches. Those who prefer tranquility and natural landscapes will be delighted.

Nice beaches

Of course, Nice is also famous for its varied beaches. One of the most famous is the large pebble beach of the Promenade des Anglais, which stretches for several kilometers along the seafront. The Baie des Fourmis beach, close to the marina, is also very popular for its fine sand and crystal-clear waters. If you're looking for a quieter, well-preserved spot, head to Plage de la Réserve or Coco Beach.

Nice's major events

Nice is a lively city that organizes many cultural and historical events and festivals. These events attract visitors from all over the world, giving them an unforgettable experience of Nice culture. We can help you find a private driver for each event, so you can enjoy these festivities without having to deal with parking or traffic.

The Nice Carnival

The most remarkable event takes place for two weeks in February. If you have the opportunity to visit Nice during Carnival at the end of winter, don't pass it up. The city comes alive with spectacular parades,  , costume parades and fireworks. It's a celebration of creativity, color and joy. Everyone, young and old, can enjoy it.

The Nice Fair

The Nice Fair is held in the streets of the city in March. Merchants from many specialties come to present their products and novelties to hundreds of thousands of people. The Nice Fair is a central event for innovation, covering more than 3 hectares and featuring some 1,000 exhibitors.

La Castellada

Don't miss the Castellada in August, a medieval festival commemorating Nice's history as a fortified city. For three days, the streets of the Old Town come alive with street performances, craft displays and knights' tournaments.

International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival is also held in August, celebrating the world's cultural diversity.

Jazz Festival

In July, the Jazz Festival brings the entire city to life, offering countless concerts. Most are held in the Jardin Albert 1er and the Théâtre de Verdure, but the festival also takes place in other districts.

Lou festin dou Pouort - the port festivities

The festivities continue in September with the "fêtes du port" (the harbour festival), or Lou festin dou Pouort in Nissart. Tastings, entertainment and musical performances will keep you entertained until the end of the summer.

Museums and places to visit in Nice

Besides traditional festivities and culinary delights, the city is full of cultural treasures to discover, from museums to historical sites to botanical gardens. Whether you're passionate about art, nature, or history, there's something for you to enjoy.

Guided tours of Old Nice

The historic district of Vieux-Nice immerses you in the city's past. Several guided tours are organized to allow tourists to discover its history. The two-hour tours are full of surprises, as you visit iconic streets and buildings, and learn about the origins of the historic city, its legends and historical facts... A great way to get to know Nice better and see it in a whole new light.

Museums in Nice

If you're interested in art, or simply looking for something to do in Nice when it rains, visit one of the city's three excellent museums:

  • The Matisse Museum, located in a 17th-century villa surrounded by Mediterranean gardens. This museum houses the world's largest Matisse collection.
  • If you want to dive into the history of Nice, don't miss the Musée Masséna. This museum is located in a stunning neo-classical palace on the seafront, and traces the city's history from antiquity to the 20th century through collections of art objects, costumes, furniture and historical documents.
  • The MAMAC, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, will delight all contemporary art enthusiasts.

Villa Arson: a multicultural center for contemporary art

This multidisciplinary facility, located on a magnificent 19th-century property, offers contemporary art exhibitions, artist residencies, art workshops and cultural events. You can also enjoy the villa's gardens and their view of Nice and the Mediterranean.

Nice's neighborhoods

Nice is divided into several neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and attractions. Whether you love history, culture, shopping or gastronomy, you're guaranteed to find the right place for you. People with reduced mobility who can't visit Nice on foot can rent a private car with an experienced driver.

Nice's Old Town

The city's most iconic district is Vieux-Nice, where you can get lost and discover Nice's authentic charm, with its narrow streets, colorful facades and lively squares. Don't miss the clock tower, Sainte-Réparate Cathedral, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, and the famous flower market on Cours Saleya, where you can try local produce and discover Nice crafts. The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and features colorful stalls filled with flowers from around the world and typical local products.

Port district

A visit to the Port district is also a must for food and water lovers. Located close to the marina, this district is home to many restaurants and bars where you can taste local specialties such as socca, pissaladière and salade niçoise. You can also stroll along the docks, or quays, and admire the luxury yachts that navigate the Mediterranean.

Avenue Jean-Médecin

Shopping enthusiasts will find everything they need along the Avenue Jean-Médecin. This wide boulevard is an attractive and romantic place to visit, with all the major stores and restaurants. Its picturesque streets attract visitors from all over the world. The neighborhood also has most of the city's museums, including the MAMAC and the Musée Masséna.

MC Driver's private drivers welcome you to Nice and the surrounding area.

Book a professional private driver in Nice for a safe and hassle-free trip to make the most of your stay. You can book a private transport by phone at any time, but we highly recommend booking online ahead of time to reserve your car with a fully certified driver.

What are the best restaurants in Nice?

Nice is brim full of superb restaurants and there’s something there for all tastes and budgets. Here’s our selection of favourite addresses: Le Bistronome, Le JAN, Le Millesime.

What are the best hotels in Nice

Whether you’re looking for a palace with a sea view or a quaint hotel in the old town, think to book a private Van so that our private drivers can take you to the most beautiful establishments in the city such as Le Negresco, La Pérouse or Le Boscolo Exedra.

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